We owe nothing but respect and recognition for every single individual in our country's history who fought or lost their lives in the course of fighting for its independence.

That being said, I would like to add this: -We obtained our "Administrative independence", now it's time to build up our "Mental independence".

There’s a popular game in the world called capitalism and the way we as Cameroonians can get competitive and absolutely good at playing it is through: Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Solidarity, Flexibility, Personal development... etc.

We all can definitely recognise that feeling of national pride when the Indomitable Lions or Lionesses win a crucial match or when we're being excellently represented by one of us during an international event or occasion. It's a very nice feeling that only lasts for a short period of time, at least for most of us. After that, as we go back to our day to day routines, we forget or wonder deep down if we're really proud of where we come from regardless of what the outside world has to say.

 There's already a lot of wars around, so let's focus on something progressive for a second.

I don't know about you but as for me, I am so very optimistic that Cameroon is going to rise to its feet again and keep moving forward. But that is only if we play the game right, rebuild our mindset and get competitive.

The solution is "Mind craft"... We need to reprogram our brains to be better. It's slowly but surely, One Mind at a Time.

For a society to grow, it definitely needs the minds of the people it is consisted of to grow as well--Literally...

When there's relevant growth, at least everyone gets to benefit in some way.


Once in a while we feel an urge to take part in shaping and improving not just ourselves but also the lives of the people around us, our neighborhood, our town, our city, our country and perhaps the world at large. Sometimes we feel that we are in some way responsible in creating a better image for the group we consider being a part of.

These feelings are sometimes triggered by our personal frustrations or when we are not impressed by the way the society as a whole or its leaders handle certain issues.

So where do we start from to make ourselves and our society better? What do we need in order to grow and evolve in a better direction as individuals and collectively as a society?

As Cameroonians, we are gradually trying to build our identity and self-esteem but there's still a long way to go.

Speaking of where to start, it's quite essential that we begin by growing our own selves mentally and physically so that we can have a clearer vision of how we want to contribute to our society.

On a personal level we are built physically and psychologically by what we consume in different ways. In other words, what we consume through our mouths, eyes and ears contributes in building who we are and the image we have about ourselves. The food we eat, what we drink, the programs we watch on tv or the internet, the books we read...

Surviving in the modern societies that we all live in today can be very challenging. These challenges are even tougher for us Africans since we got introduced to new social structures and operating systems after colonisation.

In those days during the primitive times, one’s survival depended on how well you could hunt or fish or farm. The concept of poverty could not really fit in back then. On the contrary, the idea of poverty fits in quite well today. If you're living in a city or urban area, the talk of survival is no longer only how well you can hunt but how well you can hunt for money💰. It's then through the money that one can buy access to other stuff. Capitalism!

What is then the problem with Cameroon and many other African countries that find it very hard as a whole to be self-sufficient enough not to ask for charity or help here & there?

One answer I can give you now is “Poor Leadership”…

So, in as much as we are responsible for building ourselves mentally and physically, we should not forget that we are a part of a society and therefore we are also responsible for holding our elected leaders accountable.

For any Cameroonian who is objective enough and well informed, you would definitely testify about the recent scandals which proof that we have been suffocated and governed by excellently poor leaders. That’s why it is more important now than ever to hold our leaders accountable for their decisions. We pay them through our taxes and therefore it’s our duty and right to have an account of where our money goes or what it’s being used for.  All of us Cameroonians need to realise that as individuals, we can positively contribute in this conversation of national growth whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Let's acknowledge our existing situation and focus on rebuilding a vision of how we want the future to look like. It’s our job to recreate our image through whatever medium possible be it through: films, music, documentaries, TV, internet, magazines, and newspapers... we have to literally build the image that we want to see, even if it is not there yet.

It’s time to change the popular thinking towards creativity, flexibility and self-reliance. Just imagine what would happen if most Cameroonians start thinking this way and its impact on local investments, consumption of good quality and locally made products/services, encouraging young and old to create relevant businesses.

Everything does not have to be perfect, but there're certain things that when we accomplish with our own sweat, it makes us proud of ourselves and so we would not need the validation of someone from elsewhere. Not only in football or music or acting but also in other aspects. Our own engineers should be able to supervise the construction of our roads, --- we should also be able to exploit and transform our own natural resources or being able to create high quality programmes in the media for the consumption and education of the general public.

When we raise the standards bar that high, it will send a message to the world that we can handle our own business and Cameroonians will be treated better and respected more on the international scale.

We could be so good in doing different things that people would stream in from outside to learn how we did it. But most importantly, we would truly be proud of where we come from, regardless of external validation.

Being more conscious and intentional about consuming the things that will permit us to get healthier mentally and physically is therefore a great way to significantly move forward. In that way we will become more self-reliant and self-confident on an individual level and in general.

I will end by celebrating the actions of one of our national leaders, Mr. Christian PENDA EKOKA, who after observing the poor mentality issues we have in our country decided to create the AGIR/ACT movement to reassure us that regardless of our present circumstances, we need to take charge of our destiny. Feel free to be a part of the AGIR/ACT family so that together we can make a better difference for Cameroon and why not the world.


What you See or Hear determines what you Think.

What you think determines what you Feel or Do.

What you Do determines what you Become.