It is hard to be poor, it is even harder to be alone.
— African Proverb

Everything that is done for us, without us, is done against us

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Mediocrity, poverty and precariousness are neither a fatality nor a curse. They are the results of the deliberate public policy choices we have made based on archaic values and selfish interest, and it only depends on us to build a future of our choice, if we have the will, the courage and the audacity to ACT to take our destiny into our own hands;

We wants to answer the call for action, with the willing to act by bringing concrete solutions to the problems of life faced by the people in terms of unemployment, housing, education, health, access to services and basic infrastructures (electricity, transport, telecommunication);

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To better understand the situation in which we find ourselves with the president of the ACT movement.

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Training to boost the capacities of members and social-economic actors.

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