⌂ I would like to know more about you

ACT is a cross generational movement and advocacy group that brings together associations, civil society organizations and Cameroonians from all walks of life, who share a common belief system to promote general welfare for its citizens and influence policy. The fundamental goal of ACT is to accompany and guide Cameroonian citizens in their pursuit for happiness and empower them to fulfill their material, intellectual, and spiritual needs. In this light, ACT seeks to coordinate activities in various domains with the purpose to transform beliefs into public policy.

⌂ Is ACT a political party ?

ACT is not a political party but an advocacy group and movement that goes beyond partisan politics. Members of ACT come from all political parties who share a common vision. But for matter of convenience and strategy, and in order to influence public policy, ACT may sign an alliance with a candidate standing for an election whose views are closest to ACT’s ideals.

⌂ What is the goal of ACT ?

The action of ACT fundamentally aims to foster the advent of modern political institutions of governance, to transform the mind-set of citizens, to unleash their creative capacities, enabling them to be responsible and become master of their destiny. In this regard, this action must strengthen their capabilities and protecting their freedom in order to have greater confidence in themselves.

⌂ Does ACT offer trainings ?

In order to attain its vison, and for Cameroonians to actively participate in the political and socio-economic development of their country, education and training programs in various domains shall be a vital activity of the movement for the purpose of equipping young Cameroonians to be independent, self-reliant and take their destiny into their own hands. Educating, informing and training of our members are important to overcome all kinds of obstacles – tradition, anthropological, institutional, etc.- which hampers the emancipation of citizens and national unity;

ACT wants to serve as a vehicle that can help Cameroonians to realize their inner desires. Therefore, the movement is very committed to encourage and equip a great majority of young Cameroonians to engage in the private sector by creating an environment that eases businesses to sell, where innovation is promoted and rewarded that increases productivity.  

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⌂ How can I become a member of ACT?

To become member of ACT, you must register online and pay and annual fee of 5000 fcfa.

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⌂ Can I become a member of ACT and support a candidate of another political party which is not CRM ?

ACT is a movement that goes beyond partisan politics and brings together Cameroonians from all walks of life who share a common vision to foster the advent of modern political institutions of governance and to change the mindset of Cameroonians in order to take their destiny into their own hands and actively participate in the development of their nation. All these are issues that go beyond partisan politics that requires Cameroonians to put their hands together to build strong institutions and an enabling environment that bring prosperity for all Cameroonians. However, for strategic reasons and in order to influence public policy, cognizant that Cameroonians are always faced during elections with myriad candidates, ACT will always strive to help its members endorse a candidate, who best identify with its vision. It is in this light that ACT signed a partnership agreement with Professor Maurice KAMTO who was the candidate of Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) during the last presidential elections in 2018.

⌂ What will I benefit when I become a member of the movement ?

Members of ACT shall be the first beneficiaries of all the services and activities that the movement offers. Among the activities and services of ACT are training in various domain of lives, assistant-ship, business opportunities, financing micro projects, health care, legal assistance, etc.     

⌂ Is it possible to have a partnership with ACT?

ACT works and collaborates with all organizations and associations that share the same vision.