advocacy group which places the citizen at the center of its concerns.


ACT aims fundamentally to transform the mentalities of citizens, to release their creative abilities, so that they are standing and able to take charge, to become masters of their destiny. In this perspective, this action must strengthen their capacities and their freedoms for greater self-confidence.

We believes in the values of hard work, merit and excellence,

ACT in this regard is based on the assumption that only free minds are capable to develop and, consequently, focuses its leadership on unleashing the energies of the population for their material, intellectual, cultural, and spiritual aspirations. we are responsible for our fate due to our compromises with our rulers, our cowardice, our selfishness, and all sort of primitive mental chains and feudality: defeatism, fatalism, tribalism, fetishism, occultism, fear, cowardice, identity withdrawal, etc. and which depends on us to cultivate values that will lead us to a bright future: determination, confidence, audacity, courage, perseverance, self-control, excellence,…;


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Most of the DGs and PCAs of our companies are appointed on the basis of criteria that have nothing to do with performance…