Our Vision


“To transform the mind-set of citizens, to unleash their creativity, in order to make them self-reliant and capable of meeting their needs, and become master of their destiny. In this regard, our action must focus on building their capacities and protecting their freedom in order to have a greater self-confidence in themselves.”


Founded on the belief that we are responsible for our fate due to our compromises with our rulers, our cowardice, our selfishness, and all sort of primitive mental chains and feudality: defeatism, fatalism, tribalism, fetishism, occultism, fear, cowardice, identity withdrawal, etc. and which depends on us to cultivate values that will lead us to a bright future: determination, confidence, audacity, courage, perseverance, self-control, excellence,…; 

Grounded on the bitter acknowledgement that we are one way or the other accomplices of our fate, because we have allowed, or we have allowed ourselves to be abused, we have accepted to endure, to be consenting victims of those who oppress us, to take pleasure of our position of slaves or oppressed. The first step of deliverance is by getting out of this state of mind, by hook or by crook; we must come out of this  mentality of defeatism, fatalism, tribalism, fetishism, self-enclosure, and the denial to participate in the human adventure of innovation;  

Determined to promote a State grounded on a genuine democracy, by which citizens can freely exercise their rights and freedom in pursuit of their individual and collective fulfillment;

Convinced that our cultural heritage is an asset, but ACT is of the opinion that Cameroon as a Republic it is not a conglomerate of ethnic groups, if not it should have be called the Ethnic Republic of Cameroon;

An Advocacy Group

A Movement THAT affirmS …

  • Mediocrity, poverty and precariousness are neither a fatality nor a curse. They are the results of the deliberate public policy choices we have made based on archaic values and selfish interest, and it only depends on us to build a future of our choice, if we have the will, the courage and the audacity to ACT to take our destiny into our own hands; 

  • The individual and identity withdrawal to oneself is a factor of impoverishment; it is for this reason that ACT rejects all factors that can stimulate tribalism or ethnicity, etc;

  • A movement that wants to answer the call for action, with the willing to act by bringing concrete solutions to the problems of life faced by the people in terms of unemployment, housing, education, health, access to services and basic infrastructures (electricity, transport, telecommunication);

Whatever your initial condition in life, nothing is written in advance, ACT to be master of your destiny.

Programmes of ACT



Educating, informing and training of its members, so as to overcome all kinds of obstacles – tradition, anthropological, institutional, etc.- which hampers the emancipation of citizens and national unity.


New technology

The use of new technologies (I.C.T, biotechnology, bio-energy, etc.) and environmental resources for a sustainable development (decentralized urbanization, Smart-cities, housing, etc.)


Financing & Promotion

Developing and setting up activities on the search of finance for different initiatives on solidarity based economy. Promotion of youth entrepreneurship, business start-ups and incubators and the eventual financing of initiatives of solidarity or income generating activities for the purpose of fighting against poverty and precariousness.


Research paper & Debate

Creating, managing and supporting one or several newspapers, magazines, and revue. Organizing events, congresses, conferences, seminars, round table talks and other activities on information, discussion and debates. Cooperating with all sorts of organisations or associations whose actions and policies go in line with the vision of ACT.