The earth tells us more about us than any book. Because she resists us. The man is discovered when he is measured with the obstacle ...
— Traduction | Terre des Hommes | Saint-Exupéry

ACT considers the environment as our first asset

In order to realize its vision, the action of act aims fundamentally to transform the mentalities of the citizens, to unleash their creative capacities, to render them self-reliant and capable of meeting their needs, and become master of their destiny. in this perspective, this action must focus on building their capacities and protecting their freedom in order to have a greater self-confidence in themselves. To this end, the action of ACT will unfold around the following activities :


Educating, informing and training of its members, so as to overcome all kinds of obstacles – tradition, anthropological, institutional, etc.- which hampers the emancipation of citizens and national unity

Creating, managing and supporting one or several newspapers, magazines, and revue


Developing and setting up activities on the search of finance for different initiatives on solidarity based economy (promoting activities of micro-credit for micro-entrepreneurs)

Promotion of youth entrepreneurship, business start-ups and incubators

Organising events, congresses, conferences, seminars, round table talks and other activities on information, discussion and debates

Cooperating with all sorts of organisations or associations whose actions and policies go in line with the vision of ACT

The use of new technologies (bio-energy, biotechnology, bio-energy, etc.) and environmental resources for a sustainable development (decentralized urbanization, Smart-cities, housing, etc.)

Promotion and the eventual financing of initiatives of solidarity or income generating activities for the purpose of fighting against poverty and precariousness

To be free is not only to get rid of one's chains; it is living in a way that respects and strengthens the freedom of others.

Nelson Mandela